Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Events intended to combat violence

SBSince 2001, the month of April has officially been known as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year, Drury has taken part in a big way, and is sparking conversation on campus and social media along the way.

Earlier this month, students took pledges to take responsibility for awareness and prevention with the “It’s On Us” campaign. According to the director of prevention initiatives, Jacob Popa, this is one of the ASmost important events pertaining to sexual assault awareness because “at the end of the day we’re the ones that see it, the ones that can do something about it.” Continue reading

Editorial: Missouri teams seek rings in 2015

Royals look to be more than the underdog

NCThe St. Louis Cardinals are the definition of a model franchise. Success has followed St. Louis from the days of Stan Musial and Bob Gibson, to current times with star players such as Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright. With 11 World Series Championships, 19 National League Pennants, 9 Central Division titles and 10 Hall of Famers, the Cardinals have an impressive repertoire of accolades to their name. With this success “The Cardinal Way” has ruled the landscape of Missouri baseball for the last 30 years.

Unfortunately for St. Louis fans, the Cardinals are no longer the only sheriff in town. Continue reading

Panther Men’s Tennis claims GLVC Title


Photo courtesy of Sports Information

Photo courtesy of Sports Information

Sunday, April 19th, the Drury  men’s tennis team claimed their second  conference title in two years, defeating the University of Indianapolis 5-4.

Jorge Nadal, the team’s single senior, showed  his experience, claiming  a three set singles victory – and the GLVC championship along with it.

The senior commented on what that moment meant for him as  the team looks to make a run at a national championship. The NCAA Regional Tournament  will be held  May 2-5 at a location announced next Tuesday.

“It was a very exciting moment that, especially as a senior, I will never forget. That’s a moment I always dreamed for as a tennis player – it was the most emotional win of my life, and that wouldn’t be possible without being a college tennis player at Drury.”


Humans of Drury: The comedian’s dream

AWThis week’s Human of Drury is journalism and writing double major Alec Presley, better known on campus as G-Chrome. Leaving his hometown of Branson, Missouri with the nickname Google, his suitemates insisted that he ‘upgrade’ his nickname once he came to Drury, “Within a minute it went from Google, to G, to GPlus, to G-Chrome. And [Adam] Peavler was actually the one who came up with G-Chrome.”  Continue reading

Coexisting: Learning to share the red path and beyond

Staff writer explains pedestrian-skateboarder-cyclist customs

JSLike many others, I usually buy myself a few extra minutes by biking or skating to class. Aside from a few brave students, that stopped once the temperature dropped.

This last winter had me bundled up and shuffling to class with my gaze pointed to the ground. The wind whipped down Drury Lane with a chilling force that stung my eyes. It should never be so cold that my eyes hurt. Many students simply gave in and drove to their classes. Continue reading

Breech seeks to prepare students for future

Second annual Breech Business Week wrapping up today

CBThis past week, the Breech School of Administration’s second annual Breech Business Week prepared students – of all majors, not just business – to enter the professional world.

To kick off the week, Breech hosted Curtis Dinan, Chief Financial Officer of ONE Gas, Monday afternoon. He spoke to students on what it takes to be an effective leader. Overall, Dinan believes humility is the key to leadership. Continue reading

First annual ball will be held on May first

Free event for students will feature live music, giveaways

RDOn Friday, May 1, Drury will hold its first annual May Ball in the O’Reilly Family Event Center from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

It is a formal event that is open to all students at Drury. The event’s theme is “A little party never killed nobody.” The ball will feature a dessert bar, giveaways every hour, a cash bar, a photo booth, a DJ, and live music from Bella Donna. Continue reading

Mizzou emergency notification malfunction

Investigating Drury technology alert system

JLOn Wednesday, April 15, the University of Missouri experienced a potential threat to their campus. The suspect was located at the Hitt Street Garage on the north side of campus; he was armed, and involved in a robbery earlier that evening. He was shot and killed at the scene with the University Police and the Columbia Police Department present. The shooting took place around 10:30 p.m., but the university was not notified of the threat until 11:40 p.m. Continue reading

Inclusion Council presents “beyond your bubble”

An event that invites students to interact with others

CCOn April 29, 2015, students entering the FSC Commons during lunch will have a unique opportunity to meet new people and win prizes.

For the second year in a row, Drury’s Inclusion Council is hosting “Beyond Your Bubble,” an event that challenges students to interact with new people. The Inclusion Council will have six tables in the FSC Commons reserved for this diversity challenge. Students interested in the challenge will get a number when they enter and sit at the corresponding table. Soon, they will be joined by other students that they may not know that have the same number.  Continue reading

Music therapy department holds annual fundraisers

Money raised goes toward sending students to conferences

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ACThis past week, the music therapy department put on two different events including the fourth Big Momma’s Night of the academic year, and the fifth annual Intergenerational Rock Band Concert. Monday night, students filled the back room of Big Momma’s to listen to other students perform covers of their favorite songs or original compositions. Chairs became scarce as the crowd was encouraged to clap or sing along as the DUkes played The Monkees’s “I’m A Believer,” Olivia Snell performed Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” and Raeanna Duncan sang Delta Rae’s “If I Loved You.”  Continue reading