Climbing temperatures bring spring fever

The Mirror presents cures for seasonal restlessness

LSThe snow has melted and campus is once again growing green and lush.  As we move into the second half of the spring semester, students may find themselves staring longingly out of classroom windows as professors struggle to maintain order. Check out The Mirror’s tips for curing the dreaded spring fever.

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Finding focus in final stretch

Hints for students seeking classroom success

Spring break has just come to an end, which means there are only seven weeks remaining in the semester. Staying motivated during those weeks can be difficult, especially while anticipating summer break. Motivation is extremely important when it comes to ending the semester well. Here are some tips to stay motivated for the remaining weeks of the semester. Continue reading

Mid-season review: Halfway with high hopes

Baseball prepares for improvement and growth

JessieToday marks the halfway point for Panther baseball. With five weeks to go until conference championships begin, the team has an 8-8-1 overall record. Currently, they are ranked fifth in the west division of the GLVC standings with a 4-3-1 conference record. 12 of their 17 games so far have been away, so Drury baseball is looking forward to a much closer second half of the season.  Continue reading

Departmental Zodiac: Horoscopes by major

Overgeneralized statements that apply to your life


You see the light at the end of the tunnel, for the year is almost over. But it’s a very long tunnel, and you wonder who designed this exhausting, torturous passage. Your motivation is dwindling, just like your tacky glue. Persevere; good grades come to those who pull all-nighters (sometimes). Continue reading

Humans of Drury: from Kuwait to senior year

Alaa AlRadwan is a fifth year architecture major working toward completing her degree and graduating in May. During her time at Drury, she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, an orientation leader, a study abroad advisor, and an active part of Voices of Change.  Continue reading

Ferguson update: Drury alumnus Judge Ritcher steps up

Find out latest on shootings, protests and former case judge

JLEarly on the morning of Thursday, March, 12, another round of shootings took place in Ferguson, Mo. during a protest outside of the headquarters of the Ferguson Police Department. Three shots were fired and two officers were shot and rushed to the hospital. Their wounds were considered serious with one officer wounded in the shoulder and the other in the face. Continue reading

Campus radio station KDRU enhances streaming

Plans for FCC license approval underway 

ACOne of Drury’s often-forgotten organizations is looking to extend its reach. KDRU has been Drury’s longstanding student-led radio station for years.

Though it has largely been an online-only radio, Dr. Jonathan Groves, the KDRU advisor, has been working for years to get the station broadcast to the rest of the city. Continue reading

Alternative spring break: Chicago and New Orleans

Students serve community with Drury-sponsored break

As students made their way back to campus after spring break with sunburns and memories in tow, some students also returned to campus with community service hours and unique life experiences under their belts.

These students participated in the alternative spring break trips that Drury provides for a select few students each year. This year, students ventured to Chicago and New Orleans, tackling social as well as environmental issues, formed a bond or made a connection with not only a community outside of Springfield, but also with students that they may not have met otherwise. Continue reading