Q&A with Pouncer the Panther Reply

By Nicholas Childress

Everyone around Drury knows Pouncer the Panther, our beloved mascot. He is the biggest, furriest fanther on campus that will stick with each team through thick and thin. This week in The Mirror we decided to sit down with Pouncer, ask him a few questions, and get a little insight into the life of the Drury mascot.


Q: What are some of your hobbies as a mascot?

Pouncer: My favorite hobby is obviously cheering on our student athletes, but I also enjoy getting out and interacting with our Springfield community.


Q: What is the hardest part of being a mascot?

Pouncer: I’d probably have to say, with so many different sports going on at once, not being able to be at 2 places at once, like this year with the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams in the Elite 8.


Q: What is your favorite sports moment?

Pouncer: It’s hard to beat our national championships, whether in the pool, or on the basketball court. Beyond that, it would definitely have to be our rivalry games with SBU!


Q: Do you have any advice for any up and coming mascots?

Pouncer: Know thy enemy! Over the course of a season, you’ll face all sorts of different mascots, and you have to be ready for all of them. I still don’t know what a Bearcat is though.


To keep up on all of Pouncer’s antics, you can follow him on twitter at @PouncerDU.

Pediatric Pancakes: DHOP raises money for St. Jude’s Reply

Sorority serves up late night breakfast fundraiser

By Alexis Dutt

Few things draw in college students as well as the words “all you can eat.”

Wednesday night, the ladies of Delta Delta Delta hosted DHOP, or Delta House of Pancakes. As a part of their Triple Play fundraising week initiative, from 7-10 p.m. the sorority sisters dished “hundreds of pancakes to feed to the community,” according to event coordinator and Tri Delta philanthropy chair, Hillary Myers.


Top 5 Tech of Today Reply

Staff member reviews newest tech gadgets

By Ryan Dickey


1. Apple iPhone 5S

Price: $199 with contract / $649 without Contract

The new Apple iPhone 5S is a step up from last year’s iPhone 5, and it comes with some awesome new features. According to CNET, the iPhone 5S brings consumers an updated camera with the same amount of megapixels as last year’s model; although, the sensor is 15 percent larger and the pixels are physically bigger. More…