Making waves: a letter from the newest editor



With this edition of The Mirror, I mark the beginning of my senior year at Drury and the official launch of my term as editor-in-chief. After three years on this small midwestern campus, the changes in campus culture are impossible to miss. Drury students have served as catalysts for social movements and voices for our generation. We’ve embraced the modern media as a platform for expressing our views confidently and intelligently (until the Yik Yak app threatened to spark several collegiate civil wars).

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Staying fit, sane during first weeks of freshman year


Mirror staffer advises freshmen to stay healthy, lighthearted

Go out to eat with your hallmates (or the movies, or bowling, etc.)

Make sure to set aside some time to do things with your suite/hall mates. Besides the opportunity to become good friends with someone you might have not met otherwise, but being on friendly terms with those you live with will make your life much, much easier.

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Welcome, freshmen! Get to know the class of 2019

Newest Panthers set goals for next four years




Question: What is one thing you want to accomplish while at Drury? 

Cameron Higbe

Business or Political Science major

“I want to just grow more as a person.”

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Strengthening Drury’s Core one freshman at a time

Core classes kick off with freshmen orientation weekend


When Drury freshmen move in and begin their orientation process, they are also beginning their first class. This class is unlike others and it is not geared towards their individual majors, but is instead focused on uniting a group of individuals. This is the required Core class that each freshman must complete during their first year of college. While an orientation class is not unique to Drury University, the implementation of the Core class is.

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What’s close to campus?

A walking map of Springfield, MO


If you are looking to save on gas money, get in shape or just enjoy a nice day, you’re in luck. Drury’s campus just happens to be well within walking distance of two main hubs of dining and shopping; Downtown Springfield and Commercial Street. Take a look at this map and find the store, restaurant or coffee shop perfect for you within walking distance of campus.

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A word from O-Leaders both young and old

O-Leaders offer advice from personal first year experiences


For the most part, upperclassmen look back fondly on their first year at Drury, but there are always some things that they wish they could have done differently — even O-Leaders. On the other hand, some believe they lived their freshman year to the fullest. Either way, some of Drury’s O-Leaders have advice for new Panthers.

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Panther Banter: Drury slang for the uninformed

CBNothing is more embarrassing than not knowing what another student is talking about. Luckily, there are only four words incoming students need to know to survive their first year at Drury.

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Tips for making the most out of Drury

Mirror staffer advises smart parking, capturing moments


Students new and old moved in last weekend. Whether this is your first time learning how to survive life at Drury or you just need a refresher after being gone all summer, The Mirror has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints that might save you time, stress and cash this upcoming school year.

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Get summer ready with The Mirror

SBA three-part guide to explore, pack and get paid

As students prepare for the end of the semester and the possibilities that summer break can bring, they first must conquer the daunting task of moving out of their dorm rooms or apartments. Though it may seem impossible to fit everything into plastic tubs and cardboard boxes and load it into a five-seater car, there are several ways to approach the situation that can make everything easier on students once they get home and have to unpack everything again.

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Perspectives: good riots, bad riots, and community

ASMirror editor seeks insight on Baltimore riots, cultural shift

The United States is experiencing a resurgence of racial awareness.

The deaths of multiple young African American men at the hands of law enforcement officers has sparked outrage among many people across the country. Protests and rioting have divided communities and media outlets have come under fire for allegedly biased news reporting.

I turned to three friends of mine for insight, each of them of African American descent and hailing from different cities in the midwest region: Alex* from St. Louis, Mo., Dallas* from Springfield, Mo., and Branden* from Oklahoma City, Ok. (Last names omitted for discretionary purposes)

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