Giving thanks to spending bank

Students share stories of Black Friday retail

While students get ready to return home next week, they prepare not only for Thanksgiving, but for the shopping madness that will follow. Though this break exists so students can be with family and friends and give thanks, it has become an opportunity to find great deals across the nation. Rather than simply reflecting on what they already have, many people use this time to find bargains on material possessions. Some students even miss out on time with family due to Black Friday shopping beginning as early as Thanksgiving night. Continue reading

Highway 13 #CatFight


NCTuesday night, both the men and women’s Drury basketball teams took down the SBU Bearcats in a rivalry which has come to be known as the “Highway 13 Cat Fight”. The women’s game came first, and along with the number one ranking in NCAA-II basketball for the women’s team, came a dominating victory over SBU in the Lady Panthers third game of the season. The Drury women trounced the Lady Bearcats, 80-62. However the game was a close one in the first half, as the teams went into the locker rooms tied 29-29. Though after halftime the Lady Panthers pulled away and defeated SBU by a solid 18 point margin. The Lady Panthers were led by Annie Armstrong, who scored 18 of Drury’s 80 points. Sanayika Shields helped with 11 total rebounds, four of those being offensive. Drury dominated the glass, grabbing 42 rebounds compared to the Bearcat’s 29. Continue reading

Humans of Drury: connecting science and religion

AMThis week’s Human of Drury is Physics Professor Dr. Ojakangas. He is in his eighteenth year at Drury and is still full of passion for his research and the work he does with students.  Ojakangas studied physics and geology, got his Masters Degree in Geophysics, and his Ph.D. in Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology. He had the honor of working for NASA, being a finalist in NASA’s astronaut selection program, and continues to partner with NASA to do research for them.  Continue reading

Gotta catch ‘em all (still): Cartoon nostalgia

Pokemon and other games still create (thunder) waves

MBWith the release of the new Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby games, nostalgia may be a factor in the demographic purchasing the games.

Cartoons and games like Pokemon are common in childhood. Almost every kid has woken up early on a Saturday to watch their favorite cartoon. Perhaps they have even had a game that they couldn’t stop playing. In fact, sometimes they never it put down – college students are still playing the same childhood games they did 15 years ago. Continue reading

The debate over your Internet freedom

Net Neutrality is necessary for both user and company equality

Over the past few weeks, the media has been bombarded with the debate over Net Neutrality. However, most individuals are still unsure about what exactly Net Neutrality is. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FEC) decision om this subject will decide whether or not citizens have complete Internet freedom. Continue reading

Aegina and London veterans comfort travel novices

Students traveling abroad next semester ask the important questions

AMAs the fall semester comes to a close, many students are anxiously preparing to study abroad in the spring.  Study abroad veterans offer advice to worried students who will be studying abroad next semester. Continue reading

Student Government: 18 senators elected

27 candidates faced off to represent the Fr., So., and Jr. classes


As the election process for SGA comes to an end, The Mirror interviewed outgoing and incoming members of the governing body on upcoming issues and how they grade their responsibilities. Voting for SGA occurs in a similar fashion every year, the student body votes online during a three week period.

Continue reading

Technology update coming to Drury classrooms

Smart TV’s, lap tops, replacing outdated projector system 

ACLast semester, Technology Services upgraded Burnham 301, getting rid of the projection system, installing a 90” Smart TV in its place and replacing the large podium with a single laptop on a cart.

Gary Swadley, Director of Technology Services, gave The Mirror a demonstration of the new technology and its applications, which will soon be expanded to other classrooms.

“We’ve got great faculty here at Drury and I think that if you give them the technology tools, they will come up with a lot of ways to use that technology,” Swadley said. Continue reading

“Into the Woods” Broadway cast organizes reunion

Q & A with cast member, DU artistic director, Robert Westenberg

In celebration of the film version of “Into the Woods,” to premiere on Christmas day, a reunion of the original Broadway cast was held at the Sergerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, Calif. Among the original cast is Drury’s very own Robert Westenberg. On Nov. 9, 2014, he joined his fellow cast members to discuss their experiences and perform. He attended the reunion at the Sergerstrom Center for the Arts in California. Continue reading