Survey says: curriculum needs work

Students, employers weigh in on job readiness

EBGo to college, get a degree, get a job. Sounds simple, right? Maybe not. In November and December, Hart Research Associates surveyed employers and college students on behalf of the Association of American Colleges & Universities and found that getting hired is more about what you gain from real-world experience than classroom knowledge. Continue reading

Crunching the numbers: costs of college

Analyzing how much students pay for Drury degree

LSAs graduation approaches for many Drury seniors, the true value of a college education is a hot topic.  Considerations like student loans, scholarships, and the readiness of post-graduation employment lead many students to crunch the numbers when it comes to the costs and benefits of a liberal arts degree.The Mirror explored the current cost of your Drury degree, one hour at a time. Continue reading

Celebrating our senior panthers at the O’

Q&A with this year’s graduating basketball seniors

JessieSenior night for the men’s and women’s basketball teams was last night, Feb. 26, against Missouri S&T. This night is meant to celebrate all the effort that our seniors have put into the Drury basketball program. This year, the basketball teams are graduating Shelby White, Sanayika Shields, Ben Fisher, Cameron Adams, Drake Patterson and Mike Nwelue. Continue reading

Flashback February

From The Mirror archives

GDIn February, The Mirror is throwing it back. Every week, look for fun photos from earlier days on Drury Lane.

For our last week we wanted to share some of our favorite hidden archive treasures: pictures that truly portray the Humans of Drury past. Continue reading

Drury anonymous accounts: A chronology

The good, the bad, the forgotten, and in between

Disclaimer: these are not all of the Drury accounts. Due to space limitations, nudity, and conflicts of interest, not all accounts could be featured.
Continue reading

Fad or bad? Discussing three popular diets

Men’s soccer coach weighs in on the trends, health

JillJayWith spring break approaching, students are searching for quick ways to get the beach body they have always wanted.

Unfortunately, one of the remedies to which students might turn are fad diets. Fad diets are well-known diets that promise dramatic results but don’t last. These diets can sometimes result in serious threats to your health. The Raw Food Diet, the Atkins Diet, and the Paleo Diet are three popular examples. Continue reading

College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Check out other DU campuses around Missouri

ChaniquaDrury University boasts nine locations across Missouri and one in northern Arkansas, all focused on providing a quality education through small class sizes that cater to the dedicated and personal teaching style that the university is known for. While Drury maintains high esteem with its day school program, those enrolled in non-traditional programs make up the bulk of Drury’s student body. Drury’s College of Continuing Professional Studies allows students from various regions and walks of life to further their education in-class and online with options that cater to one’s educational, time and budget needs. In addition to CCPS, Drury also has a Law Enforcement Academy on the Springfield main campus and allows prospective peace officers a chance to train for their career and to earn college credit. This week, The Mirror is highlighting the night side of Drury with this survey of our non-traditional students and their campuses. Continue reading

LGBT community fights nondiscrimination repeal

NO Repeal Campaign aims to help save bill from petition

ACLast October, the Springfield City Council passed City Ordinance 6141, which extended the Springfield’s nondiscrimination bill to include the LGBT community. Shortly after, members of the Springfield community signed a petition to repeal the ordinance. The decision is now left up to the voters of Springfield on April 7.  This prompted the NO Repeal Campaign. Continue reading

Michael Thomas plans his own study abroad

Associate Dean of International Programs retires

The Mirror sat down with Associate Dean of International Programs Michael Thomas to ask him about his retirement plans as well as memories of his time here at Drury. Continue reading