Get summer ready with The Mirror

SBA three-part guide to explore, pack and get paid

As students prepare for the end of the semester and the possibilities that summer break can bring, they first must conquer the daunting task of moving out of their dorm rooms or apartments. Though it may seem impossible to fit everything into plastic tubs and cardboard boxes and load it into a five-seater car, there are several ways to approach the situation that can make everything easier on students once they get home and have to unpack everything again.

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Perspectives: good riots, bad riots, and community

ASMirror editor seeks insight on Baltimore riots, cultural shift

The United States is experiencing a resurgence of racial awareness.

The deaths of multiple young African American men at the hands of law enforcement officers has sparked outrage among many people across the country. Protests and rioting have divided communities and media outlets have come under fire for allegedly biased news reporting.

I turned to three friends of mine for insight, each of them of African American descent and hailing from different cities in the midwest region: Alex* from St. Louis, Mo., Dallas* from Springfield, Mo., and Branden* from Oklahoma City, Ok. (Last names omitted for discretionary purposes)

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Drury’s Super Sweet 16: Not just a birthday

RDMen’s tennis advances, baseball defends title

Drury men’s tennis will advance to the Sweet 16 following their 5-2 win against Ferris State on Sunday at the Midwest Regional final, Drury men’s baseball defended their Great Lakes Valley Conference championship title Thursday against the Indianapolis Greyhounds and Drury senior Meg Alumno tied for fourth at the NCAA-II East Regional to advance to the NCAA-II Championships.

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Welcome, Class of 2019: Tips from those who know

KCCurrent freshmen offer wisdom for incoming students

2015 New Student Orientation Schedule

Being a freshman in college is entirely different from being in high school. It’s the first time you are on your own and away from loved ones and your first experience out of high school. Some things will be unfamiliar to you as you continue your education. It is an important time in your life, but it can also be difficult. Arriving at school can seem overwhelming:  the unloading and unpacking of belongings, arranging your room the way you want it, and starting to get to know those with whom you will be living for the next nine months. It is a lot to take in, but The Mirror is here to help. Here is some advice from recent freshmen on how to make the most of your first year at Drury.

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Rewind: 2014-15 academic year in review

TCStudents recall most interesting parts of their year

Finals week already? How did that happen? This year certainly has flown by. It seems like just yesterday we were unpacking our clothes, kissing our parents goodbye, and catching up with the friends we hadn’t seen all summer. Now, we are sufficiently settled in to Drury, and the concept of “going home” simply means walking down the lane.

If you didn’t take time to write in your journal every day and keep tabs on all of the interesting, hilarious, and memorable stuff that went on this year, you’re in luck. Here’s a brief recap of some of this year’s highlights.

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DU Wellness Initiative: If you juice it, they will come

HCGrant Dodge has the skinny on plans for healthy campus options

Drury students have identified wellness as an important aspect of their food choices, and Drury Food Services Director Grant Dodge has pounced on the opportunity to introduce healthy new food options. On Wednesday, April 29, Grant demonstrated the basics of juicing to students grabbing a lunch at the commons. Dodge explained the intricacies of juicing, including ingredients to use, how to juice, how often it is advisable, and what to do with the waste. “Personally, I juice 3-4 times a week,” he explained, mentioning that juicing keeps you full and fills the body with essential vitamins.

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Humans of Drury: Broadway Cabaret’s Jenna Murphy

MMSenior theatre major prepares for post-grad adventures

You’ve seen her with her face cut in half by an axe blade. You’ve seen her with terminal stage four ovarian cancer. You’ve seen her all over campus on Broadway Cabaret posters. One day, you’ll see her on Broadway. This week’s Human of Drury is senior Jenna Murphy.

Murphy is a theatre major hailing from Branson, Missouri. She feels passionately about her major.  “Theatre can touch someone so deeply,” Murphy said. Theatre and music are deeply personal to Murphy, and she considers the ability to affect people a humbling experience. “Theatre is… a medium that transcends boundaries that we might not expect.”

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Finishing strong: Finals survival guide

THWhat to eat, where to weep when losing sleep

With finals week upon us, it’s important to focus on reducing stress and boosting brain power.  This week at The Mirror, we put together a list of ten foods to help you ace your finals along with a caffeine list and places to cry on Drury Lane.

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Thursdays are the new weekend: Q&A

ASJessica Pearson on Farmers Park’s evening “Parties at the Park”

Farmers Park has been abuzz with activity since its grand opening in 2014. Parties at the Park is one weekly event that has brought crowds to the complex, located in south Springfield. After a successful first year, this event continues to grow.

Parties at the Park takes place every Thursday evening in the plaza of Farmers Park. It occurs in conjunction with their weekly farmers’ market, which takes place Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings from April through October.

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Indie-folk stars of Drury University

APThe names and fame behind Lost and Found, Blue False Indigo

Growing up, everyone wants to be a rock star. Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent, and even fewer put in the time and effort to try. However, Drury University has several students who are in bands. The Mirror sat down with junior Addison Jones of Lost and Found, and sophomores Makayla Scott and Kara LePage of Blue False Indigo to talk about the life and trials of being in a college band.

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