Trigger warning advisory stirring debate on campus

Professors, students weigh in on national controversy

JoelBy Joel Roney

Students around the country are calling on colleges to mandate the use of trigger warnings in the classroom.

A trigger warning is an advisory placed at the beginning of something like a blog post or on a course syllabus indicating content that may trigger certain individuals. A trigger can be anything from a certain word to a phrase to a song that causes someone to relive past trauma. While the trend started on social media, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) has issued a policy that states universities should not require faculty members to administer warnings.  Continue reading

Banned books week: September 21-27

Drury participates in keeping well-known books alive in libraries

CathyBy Cathy Robinson

The Hunger Games. To Kill a Mockingbird. Harry Potter. What do these books have in common? Each has been repeatedly challenged in an attempt to have the material removed or restricted from public access. From language to sexually explicit content to religious or political ideals, books are challenged for a wide variety of reasons. In successful cases, the books are banned from school curriculum or public libraries. The American Library Association works to promote the freedom to read and highlight the harms of censorship. Continue reading

Students seek to repurpose warehouse #2

24-hour study lounge, coffee shop among choices suggested

JoshBy Josh Anderson

Students enrolled in Entrepreneurship Exploration are taking on a unique class project. They have been asked to consider potential uses for Warehouse 2. The building is located on the outskirts of campus behind Harrison Stadium. Currently it is used only for storage, but the Entrepreneurship students are considering other possibilities in hopes that they will be able to create a proposal to be submitted for consideration by Drury’s administration. Continue reading

Convocation beholds its future for next year

Faculty members are creating a proposal plan for change

ElizabethBy Elizabeth Barmeier

Due to insufficient funds, convocation has no specific theme for this academic year.

Convocation is “a tradition that has driven the Drury University community to think critically, discuss openly, and learn unequivocally for more than 60 years,” as stated on Drury’s website.

Each year the convocation series has had a theme based around the general education GP21 and CORE curriculum. Some themes in the past included Morality of Wellness 2013-14, Voices Unbound: New Media and the Future of Democracy 2012-13, and The Changing Planet: Our Role in Nature’s Economy 2011-12. Speakers such as authors, historians, sociologists, local business owners, lecturers, and community leaders in the Springfield area would come to Clara Thompson Hall to give a presentation on a particular aspect related to the theme that year. Students, faculty, staff, and members of the Springfield community were welcomed to these presentations, which were usually held every Thursday at 11am, a time where no classes are scheduled. Continue reading

Upgraded streaming technology for soccer team

Fundraising campaign and team sponsorships will cover cost

NickBy Nick Childress

The Drury soccer teams have recently decided to upgrade the way people are able to view their games. The team will be adding a new way to stream and archive games, live, over the Internet. This upgrade will allow parents and relatives of soccer players from all parts of the country, and even the world, to tune in and enjoy watching their son or daughter competing for Drury, right from their living room.  Continue reading

Top 3 places to be this weekend

LillianBy Lillian Stone

Need plans this weekend? Never fear. Here are some of Springfield’s hottest options, and they all have your name on the guest list. Continue reading

Business profile: Transformation Gallery & Tattoo

Shop owners emphasize fine arts, positive perception of medium

Photo by Abby Whisnant.

Photo by Abby Whisnant.

CoryBy Cory Bledsoe

Location: 330 E. Walnut St.
Hours: Tues. – Sat., 1 – 9 p.m.
Shop minimum : $100

Out of the many tattoo shops in the Springfield area, The Mirror had the opportunity to interview the owners of Transformation Gallery & Tattoo, Gabe Tenneson and Austin Evans. The gallery opened its doors May 1, 2010, with art exhibition as its primary focus.

“People think the business is unique and/or weird, but in actuality, more businesses should run in this manner,” Tenneson explained. “We want to minimize the distinction between fine art and tattooing because there should not be one.” Even formal professional artists are using tattoos as a medium for their art, shifting the negative preconceived notions of body art into a more positive light. Continue reading

End of September ushers in Ozarks fall season

Springfield area offers several cool-weather activities

LillianBy Lillian Stone

For Ozarks residents, fall is a welcome respite from the oppressive heat of late summer.  As the weather cools down, the Springfield area bursts with activities like hayrides, corn mazes, and festivals.  Check out The Mirror’s recommendations to experience fall in true Ozarks fashion. Continue reading

Humans of Drury: student and veteran of Marine Corps

AshleyBy Ashley Morefield

This week’s Human of Drury is a student with an unexpected story. Katelyn Vernon, a senior management major, appears to be a regular student, but her journey to college was anything but regular. Vernon is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the President of Drury’s Student Veterans Organization. While many students go straight from high school to college, Vernon served in the military for five years prior to coming to Drury. As the President of Drury’s SVO, Vernon is aware of the difficulties student Veterans face, but also the advantage their military experience gives them in the classroom. She highlighted how it makes it all worthwhile for her and fellow veterans when they are able to take “what [they] have learned in the military and what [they] have been through and relate that to the other students in the classroom.” Vernon feels she better understands “the different ways to apply stuff” she learns in her classes because of her real world experience. Continue reading