Fall break: What is “free time” and what do I do with it?

HCDrury University’s fall break is Oct. 15-16. It may seem far, but, in fact, it is only a couple weeks away. If students have not begun to consider what to do for those extra two days off, there are many options to think about.


Some students use fall break to get on a plane and see something different. “Last year I went to New Orleans with my friends,” junior Masha Podokshik said. This year Podokshik will be taking fall break to visit her boyfriend in Miami. “We will be going to the beach, seeing some cool places near Miami and going out,” she explained.

Podokshik began planning this trip back in August, and she had some advice for those wanting to travel far for fall break. “I recommend planning in advance to save money,” she said. “When looking for a place to stay, it might be better to spend a little more but be sure that you’re in a safe area.”

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Midterm survival: 5 tips to ace your tests

thjlbetterIt seems as though every year midterms come around earlier, bringing stress and sleepless nights. There are ways to survive these mid-semester exams, though. The Mirror set out across campus to find the best studying tips from students and faculty to ensure your success during the difficult week.

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Dunking in memoriam – a tradition with meaning

Kappa Delta dunk tank event planned to honor memory of sister

dwIf you love baseball, animals or dunk tanks, make sure to stop by Kellogg Green Space at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 7 for Kappa Delta’s Dunk-a-KD. This baseball-themed event will feature a variety of activities to choose from and the money collected will be donated to the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.

Dunk-a-KD is in memory of Kappa Delta sister Taylor Mazurek who unexpectedly died last October. “We are combining all her favorite things in this event,” said sorority sister Dawn Van Deuren.

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Quest to NYC gives architects a new perspective

Architecture students visit NYC to discover new ways to design

RDEarlier this month several architecture students traveled to New York City to help better understand their current project.

Architecture majors Joshua Ogren and Trevor Wellman were some of the students who went on the trip. According to Ogren, “This was a way to help broaden our design perspectives by getting involved with some professional firms in the city and presenting our ideas with them and doing various charettes.” New York presented an excellent opportunity for the students to network and to get a glimpse of the culture.

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Three chances remain to see one-acts

Never-before-seen plays allow Drury actors to originate roles

MMThis week, the Drury theatre department will be producing three original one act plays in the studio theatre, located in Springfield Hall.

The plays were selected to be performed through a playwriting competition run by theatre professor Dr. Mick Sokol. This year marks the 14th biannual playwriting contest and it features plays that come from all over the United States. Something unique about this playwriting contest is that there is no fee for entering the contest, and it is open to anyone who wishes to enter.

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Goodbye summer, hello sweater weather

A guide to fashion and shopping for fall of 2015


It’s that time of year again. Mornings are crisp and cool, but by midday you’re baking under that Missouri sun. This can make getting dressed for the day tricky, especially with the limited wardrobe you may have in moved into your dorm room. Read below for tips on how to transform your warm-weather wardrobe into a fall outfit worthy of Pinterest. Additionally, The Mirror spoke to a few students to find out their favorite fall fashion styles.

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Drury community reacts to faculty dismissals

Lack of transparency, misinformation lead to frustration

LSOn Friday, Sept. 25, 12 Drury faculty members were informed that their contracts would not be renewed.

Five faculty members’ contracts will not be renewed for the 2016-2017 academic year and seven faculty members’ contracts will not be renewed for the 2017-18 school year. Additionally, three tenure-track faculty members were offered reassignments to other roles in the university. The faculty members represent a broad range of departments: Architecture, education, music,  arts administration, philosophy, languages and theatre. None of the dismissed faculty were tenured, although some were on the tenure track. According to President Manuel, “The deans and the vice president for academic affairs made the ultimate recommendations” for faculty dismissals.

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Drury University offers opportunities for undergraduate research and publication

MAUndergraduate research is a valuable opportunity to get hands-on experience and recognition in the academic world, but many students at Drury are unaware of potential opportunities to produce research and scholarship and achieve recognition in academic publications.  The Mirror highlights several departmental opportunities for undergraduate research and publication, as well as a few Drury students who have taken advantage of them.

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Total Panther Move: Drury Greek life in 2015

Greeks, non-Greeks discuss stigmas during Greek Week


Greek Week is upon us at Drury University, which means a vocal crowd of active and new members of the Greek community running all over campus to earn points in various manners for their respective chapter pairings. For those involved, this is a week to catch up with brothers and sisters and strengthen the bond between different organizations. For those not involved, this week can seem like an over-the-top parade of Greek letters across campus.

For students not involved in Greek life, Twitter pages and mobile applications like Total Sorority Move and Total Frat Move – TSM and TFM, respectively – can impact  opinions nationwide. Upon pulling up the Total Sorority webpage this week one can easily find stereotypes of “try-hard” sorority girls and an article entitled “How to Convince a Guy You’re Not a Slut, Even If You Know You Kind of Are.” It is clear that most of the content put up on these websites is intended to be humorous, not factual, but for those  who don’t know the difference between the reality of Greek life and what is shown in the blogosphere, it’s hard not to believe the stereotypes.

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The Freshman Fear: What am I majoring in?

Students, faculty discuss changing field of study

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.12.04 PMIt’s that time of year again: the first semester is almost half over. With many of the typical college stressors out of the way, Drury students will be making the drive home to see their families for fall break. However, to the college newbies, there may be one stressor that isn’t dissipating.

When asked at the dinner table, “What are you majoring in?” some students may cringe. College freshman Miriam Colligan is one of them. “I thought I knew what I wanted to major in, but now I’m not so sure,” said Colligan. I want to broaden my degree more than I originally thought.” According to freshman Kyle Perry, it’s “back to the drawing board.”

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