The Coffee Ethic celebrates five years

Photo by Dustin Ondo.

Photo by Dustin Ondo.

On Dec. 7, 2012, the Coffee Ethic opened its doors for customers. Now, exactly five years later, the local coffee shop is preparing for its anniversary. Beginning at 7 p.m. tonight the Coffee Ethic will launch the celebration, lasting until 11 p.m.

Located on the square in downtown Springfield, the Coffee Ethic should expect waves of people, especially since First Friday Art Walk will be taking place at the same time. According to Tom Billions, owner of the Coffee Ethic, that kind of thing is hard to predict.

Photo by Dustin Ondo.

Photo by Dustin Ondo.

The Coffee Ethic will also serve as the venue for three bands: The Ozark Sheiks, Devil’s Promenade and Goat Milk Honey. According to Billions, all three bands are fun, upbeat, lively and different. “That’s what we were going for,” said Billions.

A special blend of coffee will also be served in honor of the event. It will be served all day today and into the nightly festivities. Those who attend can also count on food and special craft beers being served.

According to the Coffee Ethic’s Facebook event, 5th Anniversary Jam, “This party may prove to be our finest hour.”

Inside the Coffee Ethic. Photo by Dustin Ondo.

Inside the Coffee Ethic. Photo by Dustin Ondo.

The word “ethic” is derived from the Greek word “ethikos,” meaning the “theory of living.” This is where the coffee shop gets its name, and according to Billions, it is the way in which you carry out your business.

The Coffee Ethic is centered on three components: cup, people and earth. Brewing a cup of coffee is more than being trendy to this local business. According to, “We are dedicated to art and science of brewing.” The Coffee Ethic gets its coffee from PT’s Coffee Roasters, which is nationally known for successful, quality coffee.

The people involved with the production and consumption of The Coffee Ethic’s coffee are also important to the business. According to Billions, the Coffee Ethic would not be where it is today without all of those people.

Being sustainable while doing business is essential to the ideals of The Coffee Ethic. “We want to have as little impact as possible,” said Billions. Much of the furniture in the local business is recycled from the ice storm in 2007, tornados in Arkansas, and antique dealers.

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